lover holding hand walking on the beachTolerance is based on going beyond the superficial things that divide us.
It’s the result of turning within and coming to know the Self.
If I can deal with my own ego, then my own anger can be resolved.
This goes a long way in resolving external issues, too.

With my own ego out of the way, I will be able to handle anything!
Otherwise, it’s just the same old thing – you versus me, yours versus mine –

If I’m unselfish and honest in my heart, and am concerned about others’ needs,
then I will be full enough to give.

When you know the self in this way, then you can know others.
‘I should be understood’ changes to ‘I should understand’.

Not, ‘They should change’, but ‘I will give what’s needed’.
Patience, peace and maturity develop.

Spiritual tolerance cultivates inner wisdom, the kind you can’t get from books.
Turn within and in silence fill yourself with your Godly inheritance.

Always remember, you don’t have to prove anything.
Whatever is true is going to be revealed, anyway.

Working to win the hearts of others is what will bring happiness to your life.

Extract from Companion of God

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