Original peace

peace_rocks2It is not necessary to search for peace; it is within. Your original state is one of peace.

External situations will pull you away from your peace – that is, if, you let them. Internal feelings can also pull you away.

Tiredness, for example, leads to irritability. Learn to be in charge of yourself and maintain your peace: centre your awareness on your spiritual form, a tiny star-like point of light, seated in the middle of your forehead.

Really experience the difference between You the sparkling Star, and your body,
the physical vehicle.

Learn to detach yourself from the vehicle.

Even a few moments of this practice, if done regularly, will return you to your
natural state of peace.

Tiredness will vanish. Irritability, too.

And your actions will be filled with love – for the self and others.

Extract from Companion of God

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