Push pin on Truth  textTo begin to feel great we need to become more honest – to make what we think, say, feel and do as one.

Without this “oneness” in our personal lives, no amount of distracting fun can make us feel good, positive or great.

Having honesty means taking responsibility for the way we think, feel and respond to situations and other people. We can start by addressing a few questions to the self:
• Did I really need to do that action?
• Did I need to think that?
• Could I have spoken, or acted, in a better way?

Questions like this clean out our bad habits and ordinary ways of living. We cannot feel great if we have bad habits.

One common bad habit is letting others throw their rubbish into our lives, either in obvious physical ways or more subtly.

Why do we allow them to do this? “Because of this” or “because of that” perhaps – but ‘because’ statements only help us to justify our miserable feelings or the situation.

How can we feel great when we are complaining or constantly pessimistic, fearful or in a state of suppressed anger? How can we feel great if we are not free to be the master our own life?

Extract from Dadi’s book Feeling Great

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